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A comprehensive, integrated software package for efficient, maintainable, transparent job evaluation, salary administration, and job description writing

User-Friendly Software

The Jobchart System® Software is user friendly and saves employers time and money!

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User-Friendly Software

Saves Employers Time and Money!

The Jobchart System® software provides:

Job Description writing using clear tasks for

  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Speed

Job Evaluation providing for

  • Sound documentation
  • Scoring using the organization's own Job Evaluation System, or the Jobchart System®
  • Comparison of scores for consistency
  • Control of Classification Creep

Salary Administration that helps develop

  • Groupings of jobs that make sense
  • Pay Ranges which can be adapted from year to year
  • The use of Compa Ratios to control pay

Reports such as

  • Job Descriptions in Task List format
  • Scores of all jobs
  • Graphing of scores by factor
  • Scoring Rationales for each job
  • A Compa Ratio report

Archiving for

  • Monitoring change from year to year
  • Defence in a Pay Equity Review
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