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User-Friendly Consulting Services

Our Consulting services provide only the level of support the employer requires, from advice giving, to the development and implementation of a complete pay program.

Job Evaluation

...our software-supported job evaluation methodology features... credible employee communications [and] straightforward, believable data collection

Salary Administration

Facilitation of compensation goal setting to ensure the pay system meets the employer's strategic plans

Salary Surveys

Identification of key employers to survey [and] collection of credible data

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Job Evaluation

For Internal Equity

Using the Jobchart System® or an employer's current system, our software-supported job evaluation methodology features:
  • Credible Employee Communications
  • Straightforward, believable Data Collection
  • Useful but simple Job Description
  • Rapid and well documented Job Scoring
  • Identification of organizational issues
  • A maintainable program
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